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    Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

    FusionBB Integration at
    Last week I responded to an advert for some work over at fusionbbdev and got linked up with the web master/owner of

    The task was pretty straight forward: make our forums look like our e-store. And as you can see the resulting work is rather purdy if I do say so myself!

    In order to properly integrate the desing into the FusionBB forums, I created a new skin and template set. The main changes in the template set revolved around the Header/Footer and Particle box design, but it is a great example of how flexible FusionBB is from a design standpoint.

    Additionally I created two custom particle boxes that feature products from the X-Cart shopping script. The admin can configure which products to display via the FusionBB admin area, or they can choose to have the script randomly choose products to feature.

    This was a fun project, be sure to check out the work!


    Friday, July 28th, 2006
    One of my recent projects went live last night down in El Salvador! I linked up with a fine gent named Javier via scriptlance and I’ve been helping build the website of Central American music label Istmo Records for the past few weeks.

    This was a very fun and unique project. Working entirely over instant messenger with the client, language barriers, and culture differences kept this proejct interesting the whole time. Some of the unique technical challenges were modifying the CMS to be multi-lingual and auto publishing content from the site to XML RSS feeds.

    There is some pretty good music available on the site if you enjoy house/techno tunes. Check it out.

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