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    all your basecamp are belong to us

    Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

    Well today was a workday so I don’t have any pretty pictures to post, nor any tales of fun hikes. Instead the day was filled with on e of my SQL servers (in fact the one this blog uses) crashing out, and doing other TPS type fun stuff here at RRT.

    Some of that TPS type stuff involved working with a super fantastic-free online tool called Basecamp. Basecamp isn’t anything fresh or new, but it is very cool, and as I said very free. Essentially this web application gives you a way to organize a project online with fancy little task lists, milestones, and other bizwarmfuzzies…. Bosses love it, and its easy to use.

    Good Stuff!

    Novell NetDrive

    Monday, July 31st, 2006

    Novell NetDrive
    Over the years I have been using a variety of text editors to write code. jEdit was a mainstay for many years, but with more clients coming on board, remembering FTP info was a growing pain.

    The past few months I have been demoing Zend’s IDE for PHP, but the 300 price tag is a bit to steep, and it likes to crash frequently when hogging all my memory.

    The happy medium I have found is Eclipse, an open-source programming platform. But it lacks solid FTP connectivity.

    Enter Novell NetDrive… This great little ap allows you to map Windows drives to FTP and WebDAV servers. Now I have the best of both worlds (IDE for PHP and Remote Connectivity) for free.

    Say it ain’t so Bill!

    Thursday, June 15th, 2006

    Gates stepping down from full-time Microsoft role | Tech News on ZDNet

    you’re my boy blue…

    Friday, June 9th, 2006

    muhahahha… screen of death! not since the days of nt4 have I experienced so many frequent visits from the BSOD!

    Vista likes to inform me that there seems to be a problem with one of my device drivers (ya think?) and likes to send my error logs back to Redmond. I like to envision that somewhere within the walls of Bill, so engineer is scouring my dump logs, but alas, this is a pipe dream and I am stuck with the BSOD! Lets see another shot because it is so sexy!

    Dirty Grrl! ohhh yeah, i like it when you crash like that and i have to pull my battery out of the notebook to reboot.

    I am proud to say that my efficiencies with windows has reached a new zenith since being powered by Vista!

    Google Analytics Code!

    Tuesday, June 6th, 2006

    I can’t remember how many weeks ago that I signed up for a Google Analytics invite, but I recieved my invite code tonight. I have setup tracking on all my sites and I’m very stoked to see the results. The UI is quite nice… once again Google provides.

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