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    Wind and Skeleton Caves Gated Up for Good

    Sunday, January 28th, 2007

    Wind Cave Closed

    Originally uploaded by gapertimmy.

    I was a bit surprised to discover two caves off of China Hat Road (Road 18) have been permanently closed to the public. Both Skeleton and Wind caves have been gated up like many other lava tubes in the Arnold Tube system off China Hat Road.

    Other caves have been gated to preserve Townsend Big Eared Bat habitat in years past, but these two caves have long been touted as tourist attractions by the Forest Service and locals alike.

    I’m guessing recent acts of vandalism at Skeleton cave prompted the road closures and subsequent gating of the cave mouths. I was unable to find any press releases on the Deschutes NFS website about the closures, nor anything from local press.

    I have personally always respected the seasonal closures of these caves, and have never witnessed many abusing it. I do walk my dogs in the area frequently and am very sad to see access to these local treasures stripped away.

    Owyhee River

    Tuesday, December 19th, 2006

    Owyhee River Info
    Not Climbing Related (but could be for someone who enjoys Oregon Adventure Climbing)… but I thought we could use some positive stoke here in the Oregon forum.

    Last May I had the distinct pleasure of spending 4 days on the Owhyee River in Eastern Oregon. My good friend Justin Wellman runs Owyhee River Expeditions and invited me along on the trip, and it was simply amazing.

    The Owyhee is perhaps one of the most wild-scenic places in all of Oregon… for that matter the Pacific Northwest. The geology of the gorge is rather diverse from 200+ foot basalt walls to Smiff-esque tuft outcrops.

    Though the river isn’t as gnar as some others in Oregon, the beauty of this trip is hard to beat:

    Climbers Lost on Mt. Hood

    Monday, December 11th, 2006

    There are three climbers who have been up on Mt. Hood since Thursday of last week… they were due to be done with their climb on Saturday.

    Three Climbers Lost on Mt. Hood

    Positive vibes and prayers going out to them. The weather forecast isn’t looking good either:

    Timberline Weather


    Monday, November 27th, 2006

    Fresh look, fresh feel. Freshiez at

    AJAX Data Grid

    Sunday, November 5th, 2006

    PHP Classes - Class: Easy Grid
    Nothing to interesting, more or less a reminder for me about a neato PHP class that I can use on numerous sites to manage reference tables. Firefox 2.0 is super cool with its neat auto spell checker. It makes my bloggage teh precise

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