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  • Archive for the 'puppies' Category

    Sierra Containment

    Sunday, November 5th, 2006

    PetSafeĀ® Premium In-Ground Radio Fence
    She is such a nice dog. Well behaved, quiet for the most part, and a lot of fun to have. But her only downfall is the short 3′ fence on the West side of our house. Sierra can simply not resist the urge to make a quick leap over the fence and chase after dogs, cats, or imaginary things that pique her interest.

    So Today Becky and I installed our latest device to help thwart Sierra’s escapes. Our friend Kenny from Park City gave us the idea of using the ‘in-ground’ fence, and so far things are working well. But only time will tell to see if we can truly contain this wild dog.

    Todd Lake

    Tuesday, October 24th, 2006

    The puppies and I made a quick jaunt up to Todd Lake this morning. No cars in the lot meant we enjoyed solitude on our little hike. The colors along with the light dusting of snow on Bachelor made for excellent scenery. Check the flickr feed on the right for some more pics.


    Monday, July 31st, 2006

    The goal for the weekend was simple: Get away from the heat and smoke, and hopefully do so by visiting a destination void of throngs of people and winged bloodsucking insects. Now really, is that too much to ask for?

    Friday: Truckin
    Friday afternoon we packed up the truck and the dogs and headed South to our new favorite super secret camping area. The drive only took a few hours, and we arrived to a completley empty bleek campground ;) .

    The temps were just right for ice cold ones, and the bugs weren’t too bad at all. The level of stoke started to rise!

    Saturday: Re-Con Hike
    On Saturday Sierra and I set off on a 18 mile hike to check out a secret stash of sickburd terrain. I have been lusting over this location via topo maps for years, and I was pretty excited to see it in person.

    The hike was great, no bugs, NO PEOPLE!!!! and beauty all around the rolling trail through ponderosa, lodgepole, and hemlock. The views at the end point were amazing. We were able to see the Sisters (and a big plume of smoke), Thielsen, Crater Lake, and Shasta to the south.

    Back at camp Becky and I enjoyed some more brews, a few lively hands of rummy, and a nice cool breeze.

    Sunday: In The Ground
    Like any normal day I woke up too early and took the dogs for a hike to ‘Scenic Rock’
    Scenic Rock

    Err uhh, yeah it was very scenic. On the way home from our super secret new fav campground we stopped at some unique destinations in the Christmas Valley/Fort Rock region of Oregon:

    Crack in the Ground
    Crack in the Ground
    This amazing little geologic gem is just North of Christmas Valley. A ‘fissure crack’ during an ancient basalt flow has left a deep crack (up to 80′ in places) for tourons to explore. Totally worth the side trip!

    Hole In Ground
    Hole in the Ground
    After a lunch stop at Fort Rock, we took a glance at Hole in the Ground too. This feature is a big, well, hole left by the space ship in 1883 that brought the first Sasquatch to Central Oregon. Cool!

    All in all it was an amazing weekend. Our simple goal of cool temps, and no throngs of bugs/people was fullfilled… and then some!

    Happy Campers


    Thursday, July 27th, 2006


    Originally uploaded by gapertimmy.

    How could I possibly upload photos and not include a picture of Chinook. Here is Chinook inside our MFT at Scott Lake. He was obviously being a tough dog in this photo as perhaps some person was walking by and he put on his game face like he’s all tough and stuff.

    Well he is tough, super tough. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

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