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Yeeehaw, yet another blog! Everytime I create a blog, and I write a page about me on the blog, I wonder why anyone would ever read it. But, I know that anytime I stumble upon a blog I always like to see who the master of the words are, so alas, another About Me on my New Blog Page.

Blogs are so 2000, but for whatever reason they are super hawt now, and are a great way to get traffic to my new site [plug][/plug].

Its also a grand way to display some of my uber cool PHP and CSS skills in a feeble attempt to awe prospective clients with my Internet Prowess. Is it working? If it is, I’m super web 2.0 stoked about that!

timmyThats me right there. My name is Timmy Crawford, and I live in Bend Oregon with my wife and my two mutts: CHUBnook and Sierra.
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I've been busy! Here are some of my recent projects:

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Google Maps API