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  • Archive for March, 2007

    Outdoor Gear Sale List

    Sunday, March 4th, 2007

    I have been working alot lately on one of my sites,, and have just put some of the finishing touches on a recent project.

    With the help of some of the site’s sponsors, I have created automated scripts to pull data feeds from their inventories of Outdoor Gear (Climbing, Camping, Hiking, Skiing etc), and have consolidated them into one tidy list of cheap/sale items in one spot.

    Outdoor Gear On Sale
    I’m a huge gear fan, so this was a bit of a selfish project as I will use the list probably more than anyone, but at the same time, I hope some others out there will find some use out of a single source for inexpensive gear.

    The best part of the whole gig is the retailers that we teamed up with are all local Oregon gear shops so far: Backcountry Gear out of Eugene, and OMC from Portland. USOutdoor from Portland will be added soon, as will Mountain Gear from Spokane.

    Mouse Cursor Disappearing in Vista Second Display

    Friday, March 2nd, 2007

    I made the plunge to Vista a few weeks back and have really been enjoying my new setup. My one major beef has been that sometimes when my monitor goes into power save mode, my mouse cursor disappears when it wakes up. As you can imagine this is less than optimal when attempting to use one’s GUI, and it really pissed me off numerous times.

    The only fix I could find originally was to sleep my notebook and open it back up. This took a few minutes out of my productivity each time and was totally tehsuck.

    But, I found an excellent low-tech solution. In the control panel settings, I enabled the super hot ‘mouse cursor tail’ and my problems are gone! My cursor is always around when I need it.

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