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About a month ago my gaper-steez took a major blow while out playing at tammy mcarthur rim while stomping a HUGE air (uh yeah) my knee went a-pop. I gimped through a sickter trip up in Snoboy’s backyard during the healing process, but this week marked the return of timm@y to the BC of central oregon.

Alas, here is some fresh stoke from the steep-sickness that lies within the three sisters wilderness.

Tuesday: Down with the T.L.B
Blue skies in town provided the fuel to get me up for my way early sled-assisted-alpine start. I was greeted with blue skies, and relatively few fellow sledneck brethren at the lot.

The destination for today was Todd Lake Butte. This is an uber popular destination for sled-less sickbirds in the region as it is a quick tour from the bachy nordic lodge. Typically this zone is quite crowded during/after storms, but this day, I had it all to myself.

Small, but Fun. Todd Lake Butte as seen from Ball Butte

I was missing my Skin-Track-o-Matic (aka Snoboy) on the tour up, but it was nice to be breaking trail in a lonely grove of old growth.

There was a bit of a crust in spots, but sticking to the shaded areas provided buttery turns down the recent fluff. Mmmmm tasty. As I was finishing up, the clouds rolled in and the graupelz began to fly.

Oh no, the grey bird!

It was nice to be back in the mix again.

Wednesday: Valentine Ball[z]
When out at TLB, I caught a glimpse of an old friend in the distance and knew exactly where the next day was going to take me.

Mmmm, Ball

Ball Butte’s west side was looking so super-fly that me and cruised on out for some valentines day fun.

En-Route to the wilderness boundary, we were treated to some super-stellar sled neck fun. Creamy powder turns all over the place. Sickness!

The skin up was rather quick as some nice folks had laid in a track and a boot pack for us the day before (but only did one lap!?!). As we ripped-em and straped in, the clouds magically disappeared.

brokentop, turns in pucker-up, LUCKY!

Up top it was a bit thin, but still carvablyicious, but after the first 20′, life was fkn good.

eye heart ball butte

During lap number 2, the storm started to blow in, and the greybird reared its ugly head again. The views were gone, but the turns were still damn good.

And as always, a good time was had by all, and my knee is feeling much better.

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