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  • Archive for August, 2006

    Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

    FusionBB Integration at
    Last week I responded to an advert for some work over at fusionbbdev and got linked up with the web master/owner of

    The task was pretty straight forward: make our forums look like our e-store. And as you can see the resulting work is rather purdy if I do say so myself!

    In order to properly integrate the desing into the FusionBB forums, I created a new skin and template set. The main changes in the template set revolved around the Header/Footer and Particle box design, but it is a great example of how flexible FusionBB is from a design standpoint.

    Additionally I created two custom particle boxes that feature products from the X-Cart shopping script. The admin can configure which products to display via the FusionBB admin area, or they can choose to have the script randomly choose products to feature.

    This was a fun project, be sure to check out the work!


    Tuft Love and Deskeywhootiez

    Monday, August 7th, 2006

    This was a rather pleasant weekend indeed. Our friend Shelly (of Muffy the Wanker Sprayer fame) popped over the mountains on Saturday and we met up for a little stroll through Smith Rock State Park.

    Smith Rock

    It wasn’t all too warm for the hike, but I was rather femish whilst complaining about my sweaty shirt atop Misery Ridge. You see, I had to look my best when I took the ladies to the 7th Street Pub in Redmond.

    Seeing Shelly was a nice surprise, and we had a great time.

    On Sunday I spent my morning working on a new website design for a client. After geeking out, Becky and I strapped Bonnie (the name of our canoe, not some gimp we keep in the crawlspace) to the top of the trurck and we headed for the Deschutes.


    We put in at the boat launch up stream from Benham falls, which apparently is the pull out point for Sunriver Joey. Micro Joe’s left and right were confused by why we we’re paddling up stream. Many were concerned we were going the wrong way.

    The river was crowded on that stretch, but it provided for excellent wildlife joe viewage!


    Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

    This morning Becky and I took a quick trip with her folks down to Newberry Caldera to take in some of the tourist sites. Prior to this trip I had been to Paulina only 2 times in the summer months, and I had never drive up to the top of the Chief.

    It was pretty cool to see the road that i’m normally sledding up sans snow… the curves all very familiar, but the surroundings are earthen and rocky. Visibility was pretty nill up top, but we could vaguely see Jefferson through the Black Crater smoke plume. Southern views were fairly obscured too, so small peaks at Shasta :(

    Regardless of the smoke it was still a good time. Sorry no pics, but Bobbie took some that I can possibly poach.

    all your basecamp are belong to us

    Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

    Well today was a workday so I don’t have any pretty pictures to post, nor any tales of fun hikes. Instead the day was filled with on e of my SQL servers (in fact the one this blog uses) crashing out, and doing other TPS type fun stuff here at RRT.

    Some of that TPS type stuff involved working with a super fantastic-free online tool called Basecamp. Basecamp isn’t anything fresh or new, but it is very cool, and as I said very free. Essentially this web application gives you a way to organize a project online with fancy little task lists, milestones, and other bizwarmfuzzies…. Bosses love it, and its easy to use.

    Good Stuff!

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