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I linked up with team “Office Pace” for another romp on the Hood to Coast Relay Race. My team started the race at 3PM on Friday and we finished up just after 7:30 PM last night. Thus I’m very happy to be sitting down and writing this post (because my whole body freakin hurts!).

The race, for those that aren’t hip, consists of teams of 12 crazy people that run 3 legs each for a total of 197 miles from the Timberline Lodge at Mt Hood to Seaside, Oregon. Our squad did pretty good this year (I personally think I didn’t run fast enough, lack of training), so here’s the stats:

Office Pace Beaverton, OR 961
Course Time: 28:24:41
Division: 85 / 127
Overall: 536 /1032

We finished the course in 28 Hours and 24.41 minutes, which is an average mile time of 8:45 minutes (I definately was ABOVE the curve on that time this year). But we all had a great time, and enjoyed the stinky suffering that is Hood to Coast.

I was runner #4 this year (I have ran in the #1,#2, and #5 positions in prior years). Leg four is a pretty easy set of runs, which was very usefull with my lack of training:

Leg 4 7.1 miles Zig Zag area ~ 5:30PM August 25th
My first leg was 7.1 miles through 85 degree heat… it was the suck! And I thrutched out 9:40 miles.

Leg 16 3.5 miles Scapoose~ 3:30am August 26th
Running at 3am is good times. Nice and cool, nobody around, and ONLY 3.5 miles (shortest leg on the course!)

Leg 28 4.2 miles Middle of Nowhere~ 12:30PM August 26th
My final leg was suprisingly more difficult than I expected. I hadn’t seen the map of this leg and didn’t know it was all a gradual uphill. Fatigue and the 85 degree heat combined for another slower run… but I was finished!!!

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  1. orty Says:

    I’ve ran the HTC 3 different times myself. I’ve been the number 8 and 12 runners, and then a misc. spot, as our team only had 9 people, so we kind of drew straws, but I ended up running 5 legs because I was in the best shape of the bunch, and could average less than 6:00 pace (those were the days). But the most fun I had was three years ago when I ran it (before my back surgury). I was running stage 20, which is on gravel road, all up hill, and it was 2AM. About a mile in, my flashlight went dead, so I was basically running blind, but it was actually kind of fun once my eyes adjusted. I did, however, litterally run into somebody as I heard them, thought I was to their left, but ran right into them, knocked them over. We got a laugh out of it.

    But that HTCMaps site is one I’ve never seen — VERY cool. Thanks!

  2. timmy Says:

    Dang 5 legs! You are crazy. I really enjoy the race each year, and its great motivation to get in better shape.

    I read the htcmaps was made by a google team (surprise surprise) and it is a very nice mashup!

  3. orty Says:

    Oh, I’m sure that Google has a team up there every year. I know Microsoft always does.

    We were sponsored by Deschutes Brewery the first year I ran it — when I was 16, running with a bunch of firemen (that was the year I ran 5 legs). We had two kegs, and about 6 cases of bottles from the brewery, but no arrangements for lodging in Seaside. So a tip for the future for anybody who wants a place to stay last minute: advertise on your van the fact that you have a LOT of beer, and you’ll get offers for housing quite quickly (we put a sign up on our van that said “Have Kegs, need housing” and 4 stages later had a place to crash.

  4. dmichaels Says:

    Awesome race. I ran leg 12. Google does have a team - here is their blog, fyi:

  5. timmy Says:

    BWAH! Great story. Sadly this was the first year alcohol was ‘officially’ prohibitted on the course… as in if you got caught with beer you would be disqualified.

    I suppose in the age of Tort we live in this was inevidible, but just not the same as running your last leg with a beer.

    I hear Nike has a few teams too ;)

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