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We had an excellent time on our coast trip… many a paw print were left on remote beaches… and many wonderful ‘moments’ were had by all.

Day 1: Not Disapointed
After attending Tyler and Katie’s wedding up in Seattle, we drove to the Southwestern-most point of Washington State: Cape Disapointment. Just outside of the villa of Chinook, WA, this state campground was quite nice with quick access to the beaches and ancient sea stacks to boot!

We took the opportunity to tour the Louis and Clark interpertive center at the cape and got super eductated on the wonderous journey of the expedition. Interperative museums have come a long way baby!

Day Two: Goonedocks and Surfer Brahs
The next stop on the tour took us to Astoria for a quick cultural break in Astoria where we took in a Saturday fair. The festival was quite vibrant with some interesting vendors, and excellent quesadillas! I couldn’t help but notice how much cooler this fair was then the super lame ones we have in Bend… perahps it was the people, or maybe it was the bomb kettle corn.

We were planning on staying at Oswald State Park that night, but the hipster surfer bro’s had already snatched up all the campsites. Bummer dude! We mobbed down to Lincoln City instead and stayed at Devil’s Lake State Park. We had some interesting neighbors that sang Groove Armada’s “I See You Baby” to me while Beck was gone.

Days Three-Four: Hot Carl Washburne
The next stop on the tour was Carl Washburne State Park north of Florence. Again we got shut out on the ‘primitive’ campsites but opted to camp in trailer land instead. Our site was rather nice, right next to a stream and across the way from a couple who would walk their cats on leashes.

We had an excellent hike from the campground to the Heceta Head Light house during our stay. Chubnook was able to power the hike out to the light house, but required a ride back to the campsite (3 miles ain’t bad!).

Over hot cocoa on our last night there we were treated to an amazing sunset too… a great place for sure.

Day Five: Brookings
We then strolled down to the Southern Oregon coast and setup camp outside of Brookings. This was a very popular campground, and for a good reason; it is amazingly beautiful! Check out the flickr gallery for pictures from our final sunset on the Oregon coast.

One odd thing about this town is it seemed to have lots and lots of old folk running around, and they were oernery too!

The final stop on the coast was with our family in Ferndale, CA. We spent two days in town visiting everyone and taking in the County Fair. We also drove out to a tiny burg called Bridgeville (of being sold on eBay fame) where we encountered a strange cross breed of redneckdirtyhippies at the local ‘Bridgefest’.

Words can’t really do justice to this awesome road trip, so spend some time looking at the pictures to take in the beauty of the coast.

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