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KIR Bend Style

For those of you who aren’t quite so hip to gaper lingo: KIR = Keep It Real

The orginal plan for this weekend was to head south to Mt. McLoughlin to shred some gnar, but with a road trip to PDX in the near future we decided to ’stay local’ and enjoy all the Bend has to offer.

After chubbing down at the og-original pancake house, we cruised over to becky’s school for her to finish her end of year duties. I decided to go for a little exploratory jog down the fancy new east Deschutes River Trail. Though this trail truly isn’t new, it has been developed a bit more, and is now being discovered by throngs of river fans after the opening of the new footbridge near Pine Ridge Elementary.

The run was quite fun, and I amazingly didn’t run into (no pun intended) many people on the trail. On the west (old) side of the river trail, the Deschutes River Ramble was going on (Sierra and I won our class last year in this race… out of all 2 people in our age class).

We then took the mutts to the Big Sky Dogg park and let them chill out in the irigation canals after chasing all the poor creatures in the park.

Then… we went home, hoped on the bikes and sent to the BITE o Bend at the Old Mill District. Since neither of us are big fans of crowds, we snuck into the theater to take in an excellent viewing of Nacho Libre. For fans of Napoleon Dynamite-esque humor, this show is a must see, and Jack Black does a fine job of being a Mexican Wreslter/Friar Boy.

Sunday we actually brought along the camera to document the day’s sickness. First on the docket was a hike up bachy for some end of the year turns. I was pretty surprised by the ammount of snow that the rain has taken off the sisters. The ‘normal’ ski line down South Sister is looking rather thin:


We brought Sierra along for the hike, and she had quite the good time:

Becky and Sierra

Little black doggie near Pine Marten Lodge:
Super Goobies!

After some Taj Palace chub, some nappage, and giving Chubnook a walk, we were ready for the encore to the mornings outdoor fun so we loaded Bonnie Boat on the truck and headed down to Slough Camp on the Deschutes to do some paddling:

Tool Time
So not a flattering picture of us^^

How about a prettier one:
Canoe the Deschutes

All in all it was an excellent day, and a super way to end a perfect weekend.

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